Kidsaw 3-in-1 Playbox Kitchen / Racetrack Now £43 @ Asda George

Kidsaw 3-in-1 Playbox Kitchen / Racetrack Now £43 @ Asda George

These Kidsaw 3-in-1 PlayBoxes look like a great idea, as they are truly multifunctional bits of furniture. They are a toy box, and a bench seat, and a play area all in one, and Asda have them reduced to just £43. Last year these were selling for £60 each! Asda have two different styles at this price - a Play Kitchen and a Race Track.

They are made from sturdy MDF and painted, and would be a great space saving idea in a child's bedroom or play area. Size wise they are 60cm x 60cm x 39cm, which is a decent size for a toy box and for a small play kitchen.

My son has a storage seat a little like these, but it doesn't have anything printed on it like these, and I think the car track one would be a brilliant idea as he could keep all his cars inside it! I can see little ones loving that play kitchen too as it looks so sweet.

If neither of these designs is quite what you are looking for then theJCB version* is also on offer, but is a little more at £50.

Delivery is from £2.95, or you can click and collect for free from Asda stores.


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  • Kate G.

    I love the idea of these but why does everything have to be for a boy or girl? Couldn't they make unisex ones, like a kitchen that isn't pink for a change?

    • Kate S.


      • Tri N.

        Why in 2016 are we still teaching little girls that their place is in the kitchen? And outdoor adventures and motor racing are a reserve for the boys?

        • Helen H.

          I agree. But WE are making the assumption the pink kitchen is fir the girls and the car one is fir the boys.

          • Tri N.

            Helen Harkness yes but for good reason and gender stereotype going back a fair few years !

            • Kate G.

              Kids pick up on gender stereotypes whether we like it or not and despite however much we try to prevent it.

              • Lorraine J.

                I've got boy girl twins and trying to find 'sharing' toys that aren't gender specific isn't easy. Ikea do a lovely wooden kitchen tho which is perfect for them :)