Gruffalo Magnetic Adventures £4.99 @ Play

Gruffalo Magnetic Adventures £4.99 @ Play

You know, I was sure I'd written about this Gruffalo Magnetic Adventures set before, but having done a quick archive search, it would appear not!  Well, there has to be  first time for everything so, here goes - Play are selling this Gruffalo Magnetic Adventures set for £4.99 rather than its usual £8.99.

Just when I thought I'd written everything there was to write about the Gruffalo, up pops a deal for Gruffalo Magnetic Adventures; I've seen them before and wonder why they aren't part of the PPs Gruffalo repertoire - they look pretty good to me, and will be adored by young Gruffalo fans.

In the Gruffalo Magnetic Adventures tin are 23 chunky magnets that can be stuck on your fridge (or any other metal surface) for endless reenactments of the Gruffalo story and/or making up new ones.

The magnets feature the following characters: Mouse, Snake, Fox, Owl and, of course, the Gruffalo along with some flowers, squirrels, insects, leaves and frogs which you can use to decorate the four different scenic backgrounds and are suitable for Gruffalo lovers aged between three and eight years old.

There's no delivery to pay on UK orders with Play and Amazon have price matched it (for now) so if the Gruffalo Magnetic Adventures go out of stock with Play, pop over to Amazon.

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