Giant Soft Toys £7.50 (was £15) @ Wilko (Expired)

Giant Soft Toys £7.50 @ Wilko

EDIT: All now sold out.

Kids love a huge cuddly toy, and these ones from Wilko are a bargain! They are down from £15 to just £7.50 and they are massive!

Here's what you can get:

Each one is 51cm, and you get an idea of how big that is from the pictures - it's an awful lot of toy for a £7.50!

I think stocks of these will sell fast so I'm getting my order in quickly, now I just need to choose which one!

Click and collect is free, or home delivery costs £4.

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  • Kirk B.

    for George these are a right steal! X

  • Shannon C.

    the one u wanted to get Elsie has gone down to £25 xx

  • Michelle S.

    We got him a big one :slight_smile:

  • Caroline A.

    NO fricking way :cold_sweat::weary::tired_face:

  • Melissa A.

    Well i suggest you hurry up and give me an idea.... otherwise :hugging:

  • Keren C.

    monkey Is now £10 :joy:

  • Sally M.


  • Steven B.

    Sure if you want one. Xxx which one do you want?xx

  • Vicky O.

    I think Elliot would love one of these

  • Hollie E.

    Theres one in home bargains and its massive !!!!!!!!

  • Cerys B.

    The lion or the monkey?! Xx

  • Holly C.

    Ohh no.. my house is going to be over run by these giant teddies :joy::see_no_evil: xx

  • Laura R.

    Thanks hun. Got 2 monkeys from b&m. Xx

  • Debby C.

    You know that is the most useful teddy we have! It is the full length of her bed and prevents her from lying against the wall! That teddy has in important job to do ever night!

  • Claire H.

    Ah, just bought a bear today! He's about the same size too. Thanks for thinking of me! Xx

  • Debby C.

    Psbthabks for carrying it to the tills and make me purchase it!

  • Wendy S.

    Aww they’re cute! :joy::joy:

  • Lucy E.

    Oh wow I'd have to return the favour!! :weary::punch:

  • Melanie F.

    Omg she'd absolutely love the lion one

  • Jess H.

    We saw them the other day he smiled st the dog iv brought down Sophia’s big teddy he loves it xx

  • Julie E.

    See primrose could have hers at home now x

    • Natalie E.

      You thought it was £25 and it's £10... but I'm sure it is better at your house than ours!

    • Julie E.

      I would of kept it hear x

  • Victoria P.

    His Face If that was sat by his stocking :heart_eyes:

  • Rebecca W.

    is the bear still around?!

  • Cerys B.

    Lion if in stock then the monkey.. For both? Haha xx

  • Helen H.

    Thats a good price, wonder how long they are on offer.

  • Susan S.

    Not sure :thinking: try and see if St Austell have any I could give them a ring x

  • Sarah W.

    Yep, just add it into the growing collection! :rolling_eyes::joy:

  • Laura W.

    Haha no thanks think ones enough x

  • Zoe J.

    Oh yes she would love one :smile: x

  • Steph N.

    Omg we should get Ethan the big monkey!

  • Debbie D.

    They look great. They will be good for Summer Fair.

  • Kate H.

    :joy: my Christmas present :stuck_out_tongue: x

  • Robbie T.

    Yea definitely, good price as well xx

  • Donna F.

    Aw there lovely he would love all of them lol xx

  • Simon M.

    I want the monkey. I shall name him squiggles

  • Lucy B.

    Have to get a couple. They would love these.

  • Lynn R.

    Great ty another xmas pressie for my granddaughter think I need to stop lol

  • Sarah H.

    Nice for money ay they xx

  • Yvonne K.

    Still avalible in store. Saw them today

  • Clare H.

    That is such a cute monkey Alf would like that x

  • Nessa S.

    They really could! They could just lay on them haha xxxx

  • Martine D.

    Got one but cheers mate x

  • Stacie M.

    Wilkos hull have these in , not as big as seen in the picture tho :slight_frown:

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