Brickadoo Building Sets £9.95 Delivered @ Amazon Seller:

Brickadoo Building Sets £9.95 Delivered

Sometimes LEGO just doesn't cut it and you need to bring out the real bricks and cement, right? Ha... maybe not but there are play sets out there that are like that. These Brickadoo Building Sets sold by UK Amazon Seller: Image Accessories are super cool and are only £9.95 with FREE delivery included.

What is Brickadoo? Brickadoo are building sets that allow children to build houses and other buildings using real bricks, cement, wooden windows and doors.

It's not marketed at boys but rather at both sexes, which is refreshing. The building blocks can be used over and over again because the cement dissolves in water.

There are three different designs available: a German House, a Flower Shop and a Fire Station. I want all THREE!

Each box of Brickadoo contains plenty of building bricks, water-soluble cement and wooden building elements (doors and frames), a trowel, a mixing bin and a base plate.

None of it contains harmful substances so it's fine for kids, although it's worth noting that it's more suitable for children aged six years old and above.

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