Flex Your Mind With Mindflex Review

14 February 2011


I was recently sent a sample of Mindflex to review for PlayPennies. Mindflex is a game that reads your brainwave activity. Yes, you read that right. You control the game with your miiiiind.

Mindflex comes with a ton of little bits and pieces so be prepared to spend about ten minutes unpacking everything. You will need 4 C batteries and 3 AAA batteries that are not included. The rest of the kit consists of the game platform, obstacles, balls, and the mind control headset.

Strapping on the headset hurts. The metal knob that reads your brainwave activity left a dent in my head for two days. I had loosened it as far as I could without it falling off so I guess I have a sensitive skull.

You start out by strapping on the headset and tuning into the game platform. Then you run through a series of exercises where you learn to control the ball with your mind. Lift the ball up, drop it down, move it around. It took a bit of practise but I got it right.

My four year old aced it and was soon whipping the ball through obstacles. I was rubbish at it and found the headset too uncomfortable to have any fun. But the game really works and that, in itself, is seriously cool.

If you’ve ever wanted to use the force, then this game is a must. If you can get the headset right, you will have hours of fun with this. Challenge each other, challenge yourself, gain mental powers of awesomeness. Mindflex is a stroke of family fun genius.

The game costs £59.99 at Value Land, uses EEG technology to read your mind, is the coolest game ever, and will absolutely be the best Valentine’s Day present ever.

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