Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym £39.99 @ Amazon

Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym £39.99 @ Amazon

Amazon is selling the Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym for £39.99 instead of £59.99 and from what I gather reading the comments on HUKD, the price fluctuates quite a bit, so if you click on the link and it’s higher, perhaps come back later and try again. For now, however, there’s a 33% saving on the RRP.

I currently have four playgyms and playmats, and while there’s nothing specifically wrong with any of them, they’ve not hit the exact spot, either. One is too puffy for tummy time and is better for later when my baby can sit up. One doesn’t do very much, one is not padded enough and one is just a mat for sitting on. It’s a nightmare really, having so many!

Looking at the comments on the Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym, this is a wonderful play gym and people seem to really like it. It has music, lights, nature sounds and lots of activities and textures.  There are a variety of links for attaching toys and a bunch of rainforest friends, including a monkey, toucan, elephant and parrot. There’s also a spinner with rattling beads, butterflies a shiny mirror and a crinkly leaf/ The music box plays four fun tunes or rainforest sounds for up to 20 minutes.

If the Rainforest Jumperoo is anything to go by, this will be excellent.  Perhaps it’s time for a trade in!



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