Everything’s Rosie Rock-N-Rollin Rosie Game £2.90 @ Amazon

Everything’s Rosie Rock-N-Rollin Rosie Game £2.90 @ Amazon

The theme song from this show has a nasty tendency to really stick in your head for HOURS after the show has finished. It got to the point where I would run out the room before it started or else I would hum it all day. Now you can bring Rosie home with the Everything’s Rosie Rock-n-Rollin Rosie Game that’s down to £2.90, a 71% saving.

Just by looking at the picture of this game I can already tell you that there is no way I would have paid the original price of £9.99. What are you paying for???

The game has you stacking Rosie’s things up as high as you can until somebody causes the tower to topple. Whoever makes them fall is the loser. You can play with up to four people as each person takes a turn and it is suitable for kids over the age of three. Apparently there are two ways to play but they only describe one of them…

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD!


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