NEW Elektrokidz £9.97 @ Asda George

NEW Elektrokidz £9.97 @ Asda George

Elektrokidz pm

Do you remember trolls? Not the internet kind, but the toys with big bright fuzzy hair? Well they have been reinvented for the 21st century kids, and they are now Elektrokidz.

These toys don't just sit there while you style their hair into a spiky 'do', their hair is too busy dancing to the beat of the music you are playing! Yes, really.

Elektrokidz have taken the US by storm, and are hugely popular, and now they are coming to the UK. Rather than paying around £40 for one shipped over from America (what?!) they can now be bought from good old Asda for the bargain price of £9.97 each.

I can't see them for sale anywhere else yet, but with Asda being part of the mega US company Wallmart that night explain why they are the first to get them.

I think when one kid in the school gets one, they will all want one, and I'm predicting we may see a Pie Face style scramble to get one like there was in the states. Oh dear, here we go again!


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