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Dotcomgiftshop has some cracking (sorry) Easter treats for you... jigsaw

This rabbit and birdhouse jigsaw (£3.95) is a really sweet little wooden accompaniment to any Easter Sunday lunch table bonanza. I think it would look lovely as a centrepiece that your guests can actually play with and pass around while they wait to tuck in, or as a festive Springtime adornment for a windowsill or bookshelf. Little people might also appreciate it as a gift alternative to yet another chocolate egg.rabbit

Or what about this gorgeous woolly rabbit decoration? At £2.95 and 11cm high I think this would go down well with your own little Easter bunnies as a little indulgence just to brighten up a corner of the house and make you smile. The website does say this felt bunny dude is a decoration and shouldn't be given to children so do exercise caution - it's probably either best for households that don't have very little people, or popped up somewhere out of reach.

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