Dream Town Gasketts Garage And Workshop £14.99 @ Home Bargains

Dream Town Gaskett's Garage And Workshop £14.99 @ Home Bargains

I've written about this Dream Town Gaskett's Garage and Workshop - it's on sale at Home Bargains for £14.99 instead of £29.99.

If you have a little one who loves role play games, loves riding on their ride-on toys then I think they're going to love this - it's the sort of thing I would have spent hours playing with as a child.

Don't go near the gender stereotype thing, show me a child who doesn't want to be like their parents driving around, going to the petrol station, putting petrol in etc.

OR maybe it's just me and my, now, teenagers - for years they longed to be able to put petrol in the car and the moment they were old enough they were out of the car, on the forecourt, petrol pump in hand...shame they still aren't so keen to pay for it too!

But I digress - I've always had a thing about playing with cars, winning races on little ride-on toys and going on to make a four-wheeler go-kart from bits and pieces salvaged from the rubbish dump (back in the day when it was cool to do that sort of thing) with my dad.

Imagination is wonderful thing and it's amazing what you can dream up as a child but, you know, a REAL garage like this Dream Town Gaskett's Garage and Workshop would have been the icing on the proverbial role-play cake.

If you have a Home Bargains local to you then you can arrange to collect your Dream Town Gaskett's Garage and Workshop for free, otherwise you'll pay up to £2.99 for delivery to your home.

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