Doodle Monster - Gross Out Rip 'em Apart £5.00

doodle This toy covers three of the things that kids love most!

So those three things, well...

  1. You can pull him apart and we all know how much kids love pulling things apart
  2. He is gross (well pulling him apart is gross) and we all know how much kids love things that are gross
  3. You can draw on him and we all know how much kids love to draw on things!

This Doodle Monster has various bits and pieces of his anatomy stuck on to himself with velcro and your child can pull them off to reveal a  surprise; I particularly like that the body parts remain 'attached' at all times as they are on cords, so you wont be forever hunting around for them.

If your little monster folds down the Doodle Monster's tummy they'll find a 'tummy ache' and a 'broken heart'.  There are items to pull out of his mouth'.  Lifting his hair will reveal his brain and some bats! '

His eyes can be changed around, a claw on his foot can be pulled out and the 'skin on his wrist can be peeled back to reveal his bones underneath.  Oh, and he also has glow-in-the-dark teeth and eyes!

doodle2He come with 3 washable doodle pens so your child can draw disgusting things all over him and they come with 'tool' caps too for playing pretend operations, and when your child is done with him you can put him in the wash and make him all clean and shiney and lovely again (GROSS!)

He's been reduced to £5.00 from £30.00, delivery is a standard £3.95 and if YOUR monsters are over three, they're going to LOVE him!

Thanks to brotherf over at HUKD!

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