Disney Pixar Box Of Dreams £3.99 @ Play.com

Box I love the name of this deal – the box of dreams. Doesn’t that make you feel as if you’re going to open up a world of amazing imagination and excitement that’s yours alone? No? Oh, just me then...Well this box of dreams is down to £3.99 from £9.99 at Play.com

This box has a ton of lovely stuff squozed into it. You’ll discover a storybook treasury, a colouring book, a read-along storybook and CD plus an activity pad. You also get five metal pin badges with your favourite Pixar characters on them.

How do they know which one is my favourite? Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to know that. Especially since they used to get it wrong a lot...box2

Right, my madness has taken me down the crazy path again so let’s get back on track. This is a fab set for parents that are about to embark on long journeys. Planning an Easter break that involves a lot of travel? Nab yourself one of these for the kids. It will distract them for long enough periods of time to keep you sane.

P.S. Delivery is free!

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!

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