Disney Music Player Story Books Review

20 June 2011

Disney Music Player

I’ve mentioned before how my daughter loves Winnie the Pooh, and also loves music, so when I saw the Disney Music Player Story Books on sale a few months ago, I just had to buy it. When I bought it was over 80% off, so I didn’t read the details too closely and thought I’d bought a Winnie the Pooh book and song set.

When it arrived and not only was there a Winnie the Pooh book, four ‘CDs’ and a ‘CD Player’, which I expected, but there was a whole other book with 101 Dalmatians, Finding Nemo, The Lion King and The Jungle Book stories, with its own CDs and a CD Player which came as a huge surprise. I thought this was exceptional value for money.

Now, when I say ‘CDs’ and ‘CD player’, I’ve parenthesised them because they’re not really CDs or CD Players. They are round disks, each with a ridge on them that matches a button in the (not really a) CD Player (See the image above). What that means is that if you were to lose the CDs from, say, the Pooh books, you could still use the CDs from the other books to listen to the Pooh books, because the music itself is stored on the CD Player, not the CD.  This is great as they’re not going to get scratched or ruined. The CD Player itself can be removed from the book, which I find nice as my daughter likes carrying it around, and dancing with it.

The Winnie the Pooh book is actually nursery rhymes, some of which have been changed – like Piglet’s bridge is falling down – and divided into four sections: Morning Time, Play Time, Bed Time and Story Time.  They’re nice ‘chunks’ for singing along to and keeping a toddler’s attention.

The Disney Favourites are too long still for my 20-month old, but would be fine for a child that can handle a few pages of story time. The music on this serves as a backdrop to the story, rather than being a tune for singing to.

All in all, we love these. Would I pay £29.98 for it now that the sale is over? Yes, probably! There’s enough variety in it that you could read each story only once a week, and the illustrations are excellent for keeping little ones engaged, while the music just adds a whole new exciting element to it.

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