Decorate Cakes With Mr Potato Head Parts

16 February 2011

mrPotatoHeadCakeDecorations Not sure what to decorate cakes with? Use Mr Potato Head parts; genius!

This is one of those ideas that's SO simple you wonder why on earth YOU didn't think about it before.

The clever mum who came up with this (and I'm sure there are many other variations on this theme) was happily making birthday cakes for her two-year-old twin boys when she realised she'd bought the wrong decorations.

Her mother-in-law suggested using toys and behold, Mr Potato Head birthday cakes were the result.

I love them, I think they're inspired and if you don't have Mr Potato head fans in your household I'm sure there's some other favourite toys you could use instead; the possibilities are endless.

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  • SlayerKat
    This is great. Love it.
  • Lynley O.
    They're brilliant aren't they? Made me smile all day!

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