Christmas Tree Train £11.99 @ Studio

Christmas Tree Train £11.99 @ Studio

I listened to a Christmas CD in the car this morning - if you are the sort of person that does that (in October), then you'll love this deal. Studio have reduced the Christmas Tree Train from £39.99 to just £11.99. That's a saving of £28!

The Christmas Tree Train consists of 52 pieces. It's the type of decoration that will fascinate your children year after year. Not to mention all visitors will think it's freakin' awesome.

It's easy to set up - just click the track pieces together and pop some batteries into the train. Flick the on switch and off the 'choo-choo' goes around the tree.

If you like quite a traditional looking Christmas Tree then you just have to get one of these to finish the look of your tree off.

New customers can use promo code 048 for FREE delivery. Those of you that have ordered before - it's £4.95 for delivery.


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  • Rachael H.

    I bought this last year at same price and I personally don't even think it's worth a fiver! Not very good quality at all x

    • Paul S.

      This is cool idea to go around the Christmas tree :-)

      • Cat S.

        Would it fit

        • Paul S.

          I'm sure it wud

          • Cat S.

            Where would the presents go lol

            • Paul S.

              In santas sack. He don't bring them until Christmas eve :-) Is that a yes to the train? :blush:

              • Cat S.

                No family presents go round it

                • Paul S.

                  Im sure we can find somewhere else for the presents

                  • Cat S.


                    • Paul S.

                      Shall i order 1?

                    • Rose C.

                      It's really poor quality. My mum got one for me last year and it broke almost immediately

                      • Neely H.

                        Brought it last year it's rubbish. Cheaply made and track doesn't stay 2gether even on wood floor. Binned it x

                        • Diane P.

                          I love this but Michael wud destroy it :joy:

                          • Kimberley R.

                            I had this... My train went backwards :( so it wouldn't move at all if all the carriages were attached

                            • Shana O.

                              If I thought it would stay in one piece I'd get it :joy:

                              • Richard S.

                                This is not a bargain! I paid £7.99 last year at the works for mine and it was exactly the same!