Build-A-Bear Limited Edition Love-Bug Review

3 March 2011


I’ve long been a fan of Build-A Bear-Workshop. In fact, I am the one who throws a tantrum when we can’t go inside. And yet I have never managed to build a good bear. Mine are either too stiff or turned out to be cats, not bears. Really.

So when I was sent the utterly adorable Love Bug Bear I melted. She costs £9, down from £13.50, has truly cute wings, and even had the dads going, “Aaah.”  In fact, I had to wrestle her away from one of the dads who was sort of bouncing it on his knee. A great big strapping man playing with the Love Bug.

The Love Bug is very well constructed and is soft, soft, soft. I am not entirely sure about the wings, though. The wings may start out looking perfect but after minutes they already have seam lines in them. The tiniest bend can cause a line to form.

This didn’t bother me much, if I am honest. I think a bear is supposed to be worn and rough and look as if it has been loved. Certainly the fur on this one is soft enough to encourage plenty of cuddling.

The Love Bug Bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop has replaced poor Jessie as the Toy To Sleep With at the moment. I even had to wrestle it away from my daughter as she tried to smuggle it to school in her backpack.

The Love Bug Bear is limited edition so he won’t be online for very much longer. If you happened to forget Valentine’s Day (gasp!) or have a birthday coming up, then this is a completely delightful gift.

Postage will cost you another £3.25 for standard shipping though, so perhaps you should nab your Love Bug from the nearest Build-A-Bear store.


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