B-Scene Safety Coat Review

23 February 2012

Back in December I wrote a deal on the B-Scene Safety Coats from Kids One Stop Shop, a website where you can sell your pre-loved baby items, find out what’s happening in your area and plenty more. The reason I mention the website specifically is that they have a unique system whereby you have to be a ‘member’ to buy from them, but doing so gives you fantastic discounts.

The B-Scene coat, for example, costs £44.99, but with your membership, you will get it from Kids One Stop Shop for £22.50.

So what makes this coat special? Well, it’s a lovely looking winter coat, with the softest faux fur lining in the hood, and a quilted polyester lining for the rest of the coat. The outside is acrylic, and it can be washed in a 30 degree washing machine. You can’t tumble dry it, but it can be left to dry hanging and can also be dry ironed.

Sounds pretty standard so far, right? Well, yes – but the secret to this coat is the fact that it is reflective.  When caught in the headlights of a car, it has the same reflection as those horrible yellow jackets no one looks good in, making your child safer walking home or to school on those dark mornings and evenings.

The sizes are only available from age 3 and up to age 10, which is unfortunate, but I have one in the cupboard for my toddler for next winter as I think it’s a fantastic idea.

The B-Scene Safety Coat is stylish, really good quality and something I hope will take off with more children’s clothing. At £44, I think it's worth it. At £22.50, I think it’s a bargain and if they had it in other styles and colours, I'd buy two.

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