The Brain Noodles Review

25 June 2012

Don’t you just LOVE that name? Brain Noodles. Ingenious. Well, this is a product that has been created by Paul Lamond Games and that is all about, clearly, helping kids develop their minds while having enormous creative fun at the same time.

I got two of these kits in – Kittens and Princesses . The Brain Noodles are aimed at kids over the age of six and I have to tell you that I was absolutely hopeless at them. Brain Noodles are these giant fluffy fibre noodles that are incredibly soft and scrummy. They are also bendy and can be used just like giant pipe cleaners.

At a playdate last week we had two six year olds, one nine year old and two mum year olds. I emptied out the box of Kittens Brain Noodles and waited out the usual argument about who gets what colour noodles to make a kitten. You can choose between pink, ginger, black and white, or pure white.

Then follow the instructions to make your kitten. Now, this SOUNDS easy but it turned out that the only human being who could think in three dimensions and follow the instructions properly was the eight year old. The six year olds gave up almost immediately and proceeded to play Star Wars with pipe cleaners and chase each other around the house.

The two mum year olds each took up a kitten project which was punctuated by the occasional muttered word and lots of hissing and sighing. Our resultant kittens, shown proudly to the six year olds, were both called, “Nothing LIKE the picture Mommy!”

The eight year old whipped up a perfect kitten, fixed ours and rolled her eyes at our lack of vision. I would not recommend these for kids as young as six, maybe seven or eight, but I do think they are excellent for building three-dimensional skills, creativity and patience. They sell for around £12.95 on Amazon and you get several different makes in each kit which can be remade over and over again.

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