Belling Fold Away Kitchen £20 @ Wilkinson

19 November 2010

Belling Foldaway Kitchen Got a little one who likes playing in kitchens? I know my son does, and so do most of his little friends. However, they're pretty big things and I'm not sure I'd want one taking up a lot of space. The advantage of this one is that it folds away. And is only £20 at Wilkinson

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I do like the colour scheme of this kitchen. It isn't pink so won't be off putting if you want to buy it for a boy. Or a girl who doesn't like pink. Or parents who are fed up with everything girly being pink! I don't think the picture (shown above) is to scale though! I could be wrong but that kitchen she's standing next to looks awfully large compared to the child and the case she is carrying!

It is a foldaway kitchen though, so I wouldn't expect it to be as sturdy as other types of play kitchen. Two posters at our sister site HUKD have said that the door to the oven doesn't close properly on their kitchens. So it might be worth looking into what people are saying about this kitchen before buying. Still at £20 it is a fairly good bargain.

Here's the description on the website: "Belling fold away kitchen set, with fun sound effects and over 20 accessories." It requires three AA/LR6 batteries. Not suitable for children under 3 years as contains small parts.

Thanks to Bindiboo at HUKD!

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