Badge It! Review

9 June 2011


Badge It! is a badge maker. The name kind of tells you everything you need to know. When I got this I immediately whipped it out as I had three kids over on a playdate and thought this would be the perfect source of fun. Well…

For our first badge we decided to use a Doctor Who sticker instead of the supplied Badge It! badges and it was, um, amusingly terrible. You see, the sticker stuck the badge to the base instead of allowing the badge maker to suck it upwards for the placement of the pin circle. Let me explain…

You put the badge top, the image, and the plastic cover into slot 1, you push it into the centre, turn the handle until it clunks, turn it back and then voila! badge is gone.  You then place badge base into slot 2, push that in, turn until it clicks, release, pull out and there is yon badge.

However, as our badge wasn’t going upwards we were pushing the lever back and forth and no badge occurred. I must have been very tired because when the penny finally dropped the eight year old looked at me in disdain and said, “I have been TRYING to tell you that for ages.”

Once that little hiccup was sorted Badge It! was simply and completely awesome. We made badges for the Royal Wedding, a David Tennant Doctor Who badge for me (yay for old magazines), Republican badges, Hello Kitty badges and every other kind of badge you can think of.

Seriously this is just too much fun for words. You can be as creative as you want! Anything can Badge It! I love it and it is on sale at Bandai for £20, refills are £9, and Amazon occasionally pops it on sale and it will be available in Argos at the end of July!

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