ASDA Olympic Fun Tat Review

6 August 2012

The Olympics have kicked into high gear and we’ve all been watching, cheering, shouting and staring at the screen as athletes put their all into their chosen sports. I find it utterly exhilarating and it’s definitely been an educational and inspirational experience for my kids.

So, when I discovered that I could buy the ASDA Olympic Team GB rubber duck I died a little from happiness. How can your bath live without an Olympic rubber duck? Really? There are two types and I got the red, white and blue one for £5. Now, this is an expensive toy really, it is £5 for a rubber duck. However, it is very cute and has the best Olympic hat on, ever.

The duck gets, from me, 6/10. The plus points include the design, the fact that you get a cool Olympic rubber duck and the overall fun factor. The minus points are that it isn’t very well finished with some areas looking a bit tatty and paint not sitting in the lines. I’d get it for an Olympics mad kid as a fun gift.

Then there are the Team GB race cars which you can collect and which cover a range of fab classic British cars and designs. The cars move really smoothly and run straight too, which is a good thing as they have been well made. There are few things as annoying as poorly finished memorabilia. These are a fairly costly £2 – and I say costly because there are many to collect and that will soon add up – but are made from really robust materials and they will last forever.

Other items worth an honourable mention and that I can’t find on the site are the official Olympic Wenlock colour-changing pen (mine had glue down the side which was bad, but my daughter loves it) and the official colouring-in kit that gives you pens and papers for Olympic fun.

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