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I am a major fan of Asda, so I didn't need to be asked twice whether I'd like to review some of the items in their current baby range.

Having also had a baby fairly recently, I was only too chuffed to get a little box of treats in the post for my newest addition. So how did they stack up? Read on to find out...

First up, we were sent a packet of ASDA Little Angels Sensitive Cotton Soft Baby Wipes which are currently 79p for a pack of 64 wipes. These are actually the baby wipes that I use ordinarily anyway. Why are they my baby wipe of choice? Mainly because I just don't think you can beat this price, and yet they're a really decent quality.

In fact it always amazes me that people are prepared to shell out loads of money on baby wipes by other well-known manufacturers but which just don't compare with Asda's own in terms of quality, in my opinion. Why spend as much as £2.50 on a packet of baby wipes when you can buy three packets of Asda Little Angels ones for the same price. It's a no-brainer, as they say.

And I hate to admit this but I never stopped buying Asda baby wipes when my sons outgrew the nappy stage; I find wipes have remained an indispensable item around our house, so I always throw a packet or three in my trolley when I'm doing the weekly shop. (For what it's worth I really rate Asda's own-brand nappies too, but that's probably a separate post for another time...)

I've also never understood why making a baby wipe 'fragrance-free' or suitable for sensitive skin seems to mean that it has to cost loads more than a 'normal' baby wipe. For something that you use so regularly on such a delicate part of a baby's body, I don't see why you have to pay extra for a version of the same product that's gentle on baby skin. Ok, rant over.

Anyway, my point is that these baby wipes are, hands-down, my favourite option of all the different brands I've tried. They're wondrously soft and, crucially, they're not overly soggy, as I find many other leading brands to be.

You get the point. These wipes rock and they're cheap as chips. Cheaper, in fact. What more is there to say?!

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Next up we were sent the Munchkin Splash Along mermaid which is priced at £8.50 at the time of writing. This strikes me as fairly pricy for a bath toy but I must admit that it was a major hit with all three of my kids, from the almost-ten-year-old down the six-month-old baby.

You pull the mermaid's crown and her tail flaps while she swims underwater. Her head is made of soft rubber so little ones won't suffer if they do what all babies do, which is pop all new things straight in their mouth. Our mermaid also came with a dolphin squirter friend, and my kids adored this. It's ridiculous really that they were so enamoured; it's just a little rubber dolphin squirty toy but the big kids loved filling it up and trying to squirt one another in the eye (of course) and the baby loved, you guessed it, chewing on it.

I've since realised that technically it's only suitable for babies aged from 18 months old so I probably shouldn't continue to let my baby carry this around with her but THAT'S how much she loves it. She hasn't really grasped that it's a squirty toy - that fun is still ahead of us - but she loves using it like a teether, and cries whenever she drops it. Crazy kid. (There's also another design available and I don't think you can specify which one you'll get.)

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Finally we were sent some weaning pouches of baby food by Plum Baby. Ours were the mango and banana puree (with quinoa) and the apple, pear and raspberry organic fruit blend. I quite literally cannot sing the praises of these highly enough.

Firstly they're priced at just 99p or 6 for £4 at Asda right now. Given that I couldn't buy the ingredients for that price, I find them just brilliant. But they also take all the guilt out of using pre-prepared baby food because they're organic and don't contain any nasties. The first pouch contains only the following: organic mango (36%), water, organic banana (28%), organic quinoa, and a dash of organic lemon juice concentrate.

See? Why shell out for those ingredients and spend an hour in the kitchen when you can grab one of these and use that time to play with your baby instead? They're also an absolute Godsend when you're out and about too, and I pretty much never leave home without one now that weaning is well underway. My baby loves them too which is always a delight when you're introducing new foods.

Pros: Excellent quality baby stuff at really affordable prices.

Cons: Nope, I'm wracking my brains but I got nothing.

Overall verdict: Yay for Asda.

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