Amazon 12 Days Of Christmas Sale

1 December 2011

Amazon is having a sale. Yes, another sale. This time it’s their 12 Days of Christmas sale with discounts from 25% to 70% off a variety of different items. In the 70% category there are men’s and women’s watches and some jewellery, and in the 25% off you get some cheaper groceries.

I have to be honest, I’ve found most of the sales (especially the Black Friday ones) rather disappointing. I don’t think a big hoo haa is necessary when it is clear that you are getting rid of the crap that nobody would usually buy. Amazon’s Black Friday was a case in point, I think there was maybe one item worth the mission.

So it was with a measure of disinterest I examined this new sale. What was really on offer. Actually, this one is pretty good. In the 55% and 50% sections there are discounts on electronics and computing that I really like, and lots of baby stuff too. Clothing discounts run the gamut of those on offer, and you can also enjoy 40% off garden stuff and toys and games.

This one is worth visiting and is, apparently, sponsored by Panasonic. Huh?

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