Adopt A Unicorn & Support Various Charities

Adopt A Unicorn & Support Various Charities

Do you know a little unicorn fan who dreams of owning their very own magical friend? Well this may just be the perfect gift for them just in time for Christmas!

You can now adopt your very own unicorn over at Unicorn Adoptions. It's a fantastic gift you can treasure forever and with every purchase you are giving something back. For every adoption pack bought, a donation is made to Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Community Integrated Care and Stonewall.

There are various adoption packs you can choose, prices start from £7.99 and go up to £25.99 depending on the set.

The best selling set is the Unicorn Adoption Combo Pack with 12" Dreamy Eyes Soft Toy, priced at £25.99. Here's what you will find in your adoption pack: A 12" Dreamy Eyes (White) Unicorn Soft Toy, an Adoption Certificate, Confirmation Letter, Unicorn Badge, Unicorn Key Ring, Unicorn Face Mask, Unicorn Book Mark, Unicorn Colouring Sheet, 2 A4 Unicorn Posters, 2 Unicorn Postcards and 3 Unicorn Stickers.

If you don't want a whole adoption pack you can purchase your very own unicorn starting from £7.99, this Candies 7" Unicorn* is adorable at just £7.99.

You will also receive regular updates from the Unicorn community! What a lovely gift this would make this Christmas.


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  • Natalie V.

    you could adopt your very own unicorn xxx

    • Ruth W.

      Oo will have a look ta xxxx:grinning:

      • Stephanie H.

        Omg :heart_eyes::unicorn: where do I sign up

        • Nichola R.

          Ooooooo ! Me take a look xxx

          • Emma D.

            So only £1 goes to charity? Not the whole amount? I'm confused.......

            • Nadine L.

              If you click on the link, it says £1 per pack goes to charity xx

              • Emma D.

                Nadine Lewis that's what I was checking :thinking: so if you spend like £25 still only £1 goes to charity....?

              • Lucy F.

                I like this idea but ONLY £1 to charity?!

                • Karen L.

                  Amelia would love this xx

                  • Gemma H.

                    Buy a toy, print your own certificates and donate £5 to a charity and it's still cheaper than this where only £1 goes to charity!

                    • Donna K.

                      Exactly what I thought

                    • Mimi A.

                      she keeps asking if we can get one from the pet shop! :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil::unicorn:

                      • Candice C.

                        How amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:love this idea xx

                        • Jenny W.

                          :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::unicorn: omg i need it :joy::joy::joy:

                          • Mike B.

                            No company name or contact details and no details about how much has already been given to charity.. Think i will give this and dragon adoption a miss

                            • Hannah B.

                              Looks expensive after clicking link. Will stick to an owlicorn hatchimal...

                              • Tracy D.

                                The small unicorn teddys were in matalan yesterday for 4.99 xx

                                • Lyndsey P.

                                  Aww my god Lyla will love this :unicorn::sparkling_heart:

                                  • Andrea G.

                                    Love this but only £1 to charity should be more than that,at least half!! Shame I would have bought

                                    • Sofie G.

                                      I know! I didn't read that much into it, so don't know if there is monthly cost or just the initial but it's a lush idea! Xx

                                      • Maxine S.

                                        It's so cute. What a great idea. Xxx

                                        • Isla G.

                                          Awwww , they are real :unicorn:, good idea x

                                          • Jasmyn T.

                                            I need this for Christmas!! :santa_tone3::christmas_tree::unicorn: