75% Off Selected Peppa Pig Items @ Wilkinson

20 January 2011


Wilkinson have smacked down the price of various Peppa Pig items on their website (not sure about instore) to a whopping 75% off. These are not hugely varied and you’re not exactly spoiled for choice, but they are cheap and desperately cute.

The first item included in the Wilkinson sale is the Peppa Pig Birthday Cake set. I’ve posted a deal about this recently where it was down to £6 but now it is down to £3. Please note that the discounts are applied at the checkout.

Then there are the Peppa Pig Roller Skates that are down to £2.50 from £10. I have double checked the “discount at checkout” thing and these definitely drop waaay down. Fantastic stuff! You can save on delivery by arranging for collection instore too.

Then there is the Peppa Pig Musical Band set that is down to £3 after the discount is sorted out. This set is dead cute with maracas, drums, cymbals and a trombone.

Thanks to mai at HUKD!

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  • Ling D.
    I love you guys... well depends on how you look at it. Perhaps I am actually winding up spending more than I should because of your recommendations. :) I got the George pig set of this from Argos for £5ish. Actually I bought 2 with the second one intended for a friend's little girl (she's a bit of a tomboy so I thought she would not really mind a blue set). Now with this offer, not only have I sorted her out with an appropriately coloured/ branded set for a girl, I've also got one for another friend's little girl. I was really stuck on her present and she is 2 days younger than my little boy. My LO loves his set and I imagine she will too. Now I am wondering whether to keep the George set for the present cupboard or exchange it to get more of the £3 sets for the present cupboard! Save me from myself...

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