75% Off Reversible City & Train Table Set @ Studio (Expired)

75% Off Reversible City & Train Table Set @ Studio (Expired)

This looks like a brilliant buy for kids and one that's well worth snapping up and putting away for Christmas. Studio have this Reversible City & Train Table Set with a massive 75% discount! It's down to £44.99 from an original price of £179.99 and it looks like a bargain for all that you are getting.

This is a large train table with a reversible top so that children have a choice of play scenes to use, plus a 120 piece train set and a storage drawer on wheels that will store everything neatly under the table.

The train set includes loads for little ones to build an exciting train track and city, with bridges, a raised track, houses, vehicles, loads of accessories and two train engines with carriages as well.

My youngest has just seen this and is jumping up and down begging to have one, so we might have to have a word with Father Christmas and see what he can do about getting one if he's good...

Home delivery costs £5, so in all it's £49.99 to get this to your home.


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  • Natalie S.

    This is what we were looking at last Christmas

    • Vikki H.

      That's great, I think Amelie would love that. Her list is getting very long :grimacing::grimacing:

      • Sally B.

        Always wanted one of these but there just so big!! My house would turn into a traintrack lol

        • Nicola H.

          Argh we have just purchased one :see_no_evil: xxx

          • Joyce R.

            Peeps would love that !!! X

            • Chloe L.

              Great deal and H would love it... but we haven't got any room! x

              • Francesca G.

                Ooo that looks good. Thank you xx

                • Vicky W.

                  Love this but max room is to small xx

                  • Jodie C.

                    I dont think I have the space! Xxx

                    • Karen N.

                      It's great this isn't it x

                      • izzywoo

                        ordered for my 2 year old...great price

                        • Lizzy G.

                          We :heart: this. I think it might be a Christmas present xx

                          • Lauren J.

                            i know it's not the tesco one but its an absolute bargain for what's there xxx

                            • Claire C.

                              Ahhhhh this is amazing could be a Birthday idea xxxx

                              • Angela W.

                                were you looking for a train set?

                                • Ashley B.

                                  I would if i had room so wouldnt have to take the damn train apart. :smiling_imp:

                                  • Rachael H.

                                    That would be ideal but no space maby once we've moved xxxxxxx