36pcs Diving Pool Toys for Kids £5.49 @ Amazon

Use code QE6CDOJF for 50% off the £10.99 list price
36pcs Diving Pool Toys for Kids £5.49 @ Amazon

Looking for water toys for the kids? This 36pcs Diving Pool Toys for Kids set is an absolute bargain, as it's just £5.49! Just click redeem on the 'Buy One Save 50%' Promotional Message button under the price and you get 50% off the listed £10.99 price at the checkout.

This set includes 32 different diving toys that you can use in the pool for fun during the summer. You get pirate treasure, golden, silver and copper coloured coins, a jellyfish, tropical fish, round diving rings, fish pool rings, sharks, a dip net, and a treasure chest to store all the toys in.

(The 'Promotional Message' button does say to enter the code QE6CDOJF for your 50% discount, but it seems to apply automatically at the checkout when you hit 'redeem' with no code needed.)

Screenshot showing 36pcs Diving Pool Toys for Kids for £5.49 at Amazon

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