2012 Gruffalo Calendar £8.19 @ Amazon

2012 Gruffalo Calendar £8.19 @ Amazon

I've been keeping an eye out for this specific 2012 Gruffalo Calendar for a little while.

I was very excited last year because I bought the 2011 version of this Gruffalo calendar; it was the first time I'd bought a calendar so early for the year to come.

We're all big Gruffalo fans in my family and I can tell you that I've loved every single month of the Gruffalo calendar so far.

The 2012 version promises to be equally fabulous - I've just bought two, one for me and one for my ex-husband, it's family law to snaffle multiple Gruffalo bargains when we find them!

You see this Gruffalo calendar isn't just any old Gruffalo calendar, it's a complete family planner!

There are five columns offering plenty of space for busy families to keep track of all their comings, goings and appointments.

It also comes with 150 stickers to stick on various dates, from 'birthday' to 'half term' to 'party'.

If you love the Gruffalo, or you can never find a calendar with enough space for everything, then I can't recommend this Gruffalo calendar highly enough; it's an absolute joy to live with on a daily basis.

The full retail price is £10, Amazon are currently selling it for £8.19.

Happy 2012 planning!


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  • tracyhay
    now down to £7.99 (_;)
    • lucyel
      If you spend over £20 at red house you receive one free!