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Questions kids ask

Asking endless questions. It's a childhood rite of passage. So it's no surprise that a Reddit thread on this very topic had us chortling into our cups of tea this morning.

The Daily Mail reports:

One particularly odd enquiry was about ducks: 'My son recently asked me what a duck smells like. Other favorites are whether sheep have tails and if mermaids have butts. He's four.'

Other questions were more inappropriate and included enquiries about adult sexual acts - much to the horror of their parents.
Weird questions also took the form of children's misunderstandings of everyday situations and phrases.

One mother shared: 'Teaching my toddler about how babies grow in Mommy's tummy - he cried real tears asking me, "Why did you eat me?" This was his inference as to how he got inside me.'

When my cousin was little she had form for asking awkward questions on a regular basis. Once when we were on the bus she enquired - in a very loud bus - why that lady's tummy was so fat. (No, the poor woman was not pregnant and yes, I wanted to ground to swallow me.)

We know you'll all have your own brilliant / funny / cringe-inducing stories to share about the strange questions your kids have asked, and we'd love to hear them over on our Facebook page...

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