Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Review

It’s amazing the difference having truly clean carpets can make to your home – especially once kids have been introduced to the scene.

A decent quality vacuum cleaner and a regular cleaning regime can go a long way to keeping your carpets in decent shape, but you can’t top a professional-grade carpet cleaner when it comes to giving your carpets some real TLC.

Rug Doctor is easily the number one name in the carpet cleaning machine business, and its machines are available to hire for around £20 - £30 for 24 hours (or 48 hours) from a wide range of outlets including the likes of B&Q, Homebase and Morrisons.

It’s up to you how long you want to rent the machine for, but in truth a 24-hour rental should be enough to clean even larger homes. In my case there wasn’t too much strategy required: we only have carpets upstairs, so in other words only had to clean the landing, stairs and three bedrooms.

This meant not having to worry about rooms like the lounge and dining room, which typically take more cleaning as they see quite a bit of foot-bound ‘traffic’ passing through, and which are also more likely to have heavy furniture that would need shifting ahead before getting started.

Typically 1 litre of cleaning solution is recommended as being enough to clean two rooms, but you can use a bit of discretion here – considering my second and third bedrooms together are about the same size as the main bedroom, I was happy to group them together in terms of cleaning.

The actual business of using the Rug Doctor was much less of a mission than I was expecting. The instructions for adding the cleaning solution, using the machine and draining the dirty water couldn’t have been easier, and in reality the biggest job was working out how to shift things around so I could clean the whole floor without having to move beds and the like onto wet carpets.

You’re advised to leave carpets for two hours to fully dry, though considering the tighter spaces involved in bedrooms, stairs and the like, I wasn’t too surprised to have to give things a bit longer to fully dry in reality.

In the end, though, I had no trouble getting the job done in a single day, and spent far more time waiting for carpets to dry than cleaning them in the first place, which is the way round it should be.

The Good

  • Renting a machine from time to time is so much better than having to find storage for a carpet cleaner 365 days a year.
  • For the amount of times I would give the carpets such a deep clean, I’d probably end up spending way more on buying the machine than I’d get value for it, but if you’re someone who cleans regularly, you might want to consider buying.
  • It’s so easy to use, I can’t think of a way in which they could make it easier
  • You don’t have to buy extra detergents or cleaners, and in fact other products aren’t recommended at all.  You can get their detergent in a whole range of ‘best fors’ – you know, best for this kind of stain and that kind of stain.

The Bad

I don’t like that you have to use their chemicals. I don’t use any chemicals in our home, actually, so having them all over the carpets doesn’t sit right with me. I’d actually rather take a little longer and just use water, but I know I’m in the minority there – even my husband has a secret stash of chemical cleaners for his man cave.

The Verdict

These machines are so effective, they work out cheaper than a carpet cleaner service, and cheaper than a new carpet.

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