Zynga Draw Something £6 @ Amazon

19 September 2013

Amazon is selling the Zynga Draw Something game for £6 instead of £19.99. As it's now down to under £10, there's a £3.30 fee for shipping, unless you order it with something else over £10.

"There’s no need to be an artist to win this fun-filled Draw Something game based on the hit app. Whoever guesses the word earns coins along with the drawer, and the harder the word, the more coins you earn. Collect 15 coins for the win. While one player draws, everyone else shouts out their guesses at what they’re drawing. The first to 15 coins wins."

Sounds simple enough!

Zynga Draw Something comes with four draw stations, 180 cards, four crayons, four pads of paper, four coin tracker clips and one game guide. It is suitable for ages 8 years and up.

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