Canon IXUS 200 £149.97 at Currys

Canon IXUS 200 £149.97 at Currys

canonThis little Canon camera may well be my deal of the day!

Go and have a quick look over at Amazon and you'll see this exact same camera currently selling for £227.95 and that's with the price reduced from £349!

When I bought my first little digital point and shoot 10 years ago it was quite chunky by today's standards, it had a 'massive' 2.2 mega pixels and cost me over £350!  Just 10 years ago!

A few weeks ago I bought a new point and shoot digital camera as the big digital one I use for work is too big to 'play tourist' with - it's actually got MORE mega pixels than the big one and is so tiny it fits in my handbag and cost me the same as this little Canon deal; amazing.

The techincal spec' of the Canon IXUS 200 is vast and writing the ins and outs of it would be like typing War and Peace, but in a nutshell it does everything you can possibly want it to...well, almost *grin*

It has 12.1 megapixels, image stabilising, automatic scene detection, face detection, it can be switched to video mode just to name a very few of the features it has.

So if you've been looking and hanging out for a camera bargain then, as a photographer, I'm happy to recommend this one to you.

Happy snapping and thanks to tee_lee over at HUKD for this great deal!


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      What a shame - it was available to buy at the time of posting.