Tommee Tippee Digital Sensor Mat And Monitor Review

21 April 2011

TT Monitor

I like, and have concerns with, the Tommee Tippee Digital Sensor Mat and Monitor. As a product, I think it's great – but I wish it could be sold only to sensible parents! Let me explain:

The Tommee Tippee Digital Sensor Mat and Monitor has three parts – a parent unit, baby unit and sensor pad.

The Tommee Tippee sensor pad lies under the baby's mattress and monitors breathing. It sounds an alarm if no movement has been detected after 20 seconds. Personally I don't find it a necessarily addition to a nursery (probably because we co-sleep) and think it would make me rather neurotic.
I do think, however, that sickly, premature babies or smoking parents could benefit from this, as such babies are at higher risk.

The Tommee Tippee baby unit has a nice design and has a very useful built in night light with three brightness settings which can be controlled from it or from the parent unit. It has volume control buttons and an on/off switch for the optional sensor pad. It also gives a room temperature reading. Helpfully, there's a locator alarm for those inevitable I-can't-find-the-parent-unit moments.

The parent unit is sleek and has a clip for attaching to clothes. The Tommee Tippee parent unit can be battery operated – two rechargables are included in the box – has a docking station for electric charging, and a sound level monitor.

The two things that bother me about this monitor are also probably its biggest selling points: it has a 300 meter range, and an out of range indicator, and it has a two-way talk back function to “reassure baby from afar”. While this is fantastic for older kids – “Johnny! Stop teasing your sister!” or “Kids, wash your hands and come down for dinner” - I have real concerns about it being used to 'shush-shush' babies who really need human comfort.

So, for
sensible parents with older children, I love this monitor, but would urge parents to think twice about using the two-way talk back function as a replacement for physical comfort with infants.


  • mum t.
    This was one of my must have items when I had my children. I disagree with this making you neurotic, as we are mum's anyway! It gives you extra piece of mind when your baby sleeps longer than expected. It saved my little boys life, he had his comfort blanket wrapped around his face, which we would not have noticed a quickly as the sensor mat did.
  • Luschka O.
    Thanks for your comment mum of three. I appreciate that it might be great for some, but I know it would make me paranoid - but for those who want it, it's a great feature! :)
  • tommy
    Great review! I totally agree with you Luschka that I would become paranoid, would probably keep stressing and would think it was broke! But its different strokes for different folks as 'mum of three' has proven!
  • mum t.
    The model I purchased, made a 'tic' noise every time my baby moved so I knew it was working properly, this could also be switched off once it became annoying and the little light would flash instead. When you have lost a baby this kind of thing is priceless and allows you to rest peacefully knowing that your baby is still being monitored even as you sleep
  • Luschka O.
    Absolutely M.O.T - that's why I said it's probably very useful to people in the 'high risk' category. I think having lost a baby would definitely fall in that category. I have no problem with people wanting or feeling they need it. It just wasn't for me - but the reason for that is that my baby slept next to me in the bed and I'd half wake, hear her breathing and go back to sleep. When she slept in the cot I got very little sleep as I was constantly getting up to see if she was okay. Different strokes for different folks, and I know quite a few people who used and loved it.
  • Mary
    my parent unit keeps switching itself off has anyone else had this issue? as I can be downstairs and the things goes off and I have to press all the buttons to get it to work... it only happens when the pad sensor has been switched off

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