Closer To Nature Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor Review

14 June 2012

With a newborn in the house, people assume sleep to be something of a foreign concept, but fortunately that’s not been a problem for us. The only time we really need to use our Closer To Nature Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor baby monitor is when I’m in the kitchen and the girls are in the living room, next door. My toddler is very cuddly, and likes to snuggle and squash the baby, and while we try to encourage a relationship between them, squishing a baby is not a great idea, so I can have an eye on the monitor to make sure our baby is able to breathe!

As we don’t use a cot I’ve never used the Sensisleep Pad, and unless my baby had heart issues, I wouldn’t either – it would make me very paranoid.

The video monitor, however, is very good – I’m really impressed with it.  It is a colour monitor with pretty clear picture quality. It has a night mode that is surprisingly clear in the dark, and has a good sound quality too. The sound sort of switches off when there’s nothing happening, and comes back again when baby stirs.  There’s also a two way talk-back feature so you can talk to your child through the monitor – very useful for telling the toddler not to climb on baby sister!

The monitor has a 1000 foot range, useful if you live on a farm, I guess! It has a signal indicator so you know that it’s all working properly and the video camera has a zoom function.

The display is clear and you can really figure it out without reading the manual, but there is one available.  Usefully, there is a night light with a remote control, so if you need more light on the baby, you can get it without potentially disturbing a sleeping child.

There is also screw hole thingy in the bottom, so you could use a gorilla grip to attach the Digital Video Monitor to the side of a crib or on a curtain or whatever, if you don’t have a shelf or nail to attach it to. The video bit also tilts, so you can get a perfect angle to view your baby from.

At an RRP of £199, this isn't a cheap gadget, but if you're hoping to be using it for a few years, or for a number of children, I expect it'll last a while, and it certainly has the sound and picture quality to justify the price tag.

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