Smart Trike Recliner Review

SmartTrike We never got on very well with a pushchair as my daughter hated being strapped in. We used a sling until she was over a year old – and sometimes still do, but then we got ourselves a Smart Trike Recliner and everything pretty much changed.

The Smart Trike Recliner is the only stroller certified push chair in the world, and is suitable for use from six months, making it an ideal next step from a sling if you don’t want to invest a small fortune in a pram.

I did initially find the Smart Trike Recliner a little tough to assemble and all in it took about 40 minutes, although partly because my daughter was insistent on sitting on the chair before I could even set it all up.

This trike definitely takes care of all the ages it’s meant for. There are three different foot rest settings for as your child grows, and along with the safety harness, there’s also a bar to keep little ones secure.

The Smart Trike Recliner comes with a sun visor, which we don’t use as I find it intrusive in my view of my daughter, and hers of me, which unsettles her – but that could just be us.  The only other negative on the Smart Trike Recliner is that the basket comes off really easily, so it’s not all that useful for storage of shopping or anything.

On the other hand, there’s a bag attached to the adjustable parent handle which is the ideal size for a nappy or two, some wipes, a phone and a purse, so you don’t have to carry a handbag along if you’re just going for a walk.

My favourite thing – from a ‘mum perspective’ - is that the cup holder it comes with is the perfect size for a large takeaway coffee cup! That was me sold already.

Steering is really easy and can be done one handed, although it is easier with two, and the reclining seat means my little girl can shut her eyes and doze off when she feels the need without me having to rush home.

The Smart Trike Recliner is really light and fits easily on the backseat of the car, much more so than the pram we never got on with and it is definitely our favourite mode of wheeled child transport to date.

It comes in a variety of colours, and we chose the denim for its unisex appeal.

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