SkinArt Glitter Tattoos Review


SkinArt Glitter Tattoos are a bit of fun, and are quite pretty. They’re easy to apply, super quick drying and I think quite a good price at £14.

In the box you’ll find five stencils with things such as stars, butterflies, roses, hearts and flowers, black, gold and silver glitter, glitter glue and two brushes.

It’s really simple to apply – stick the stencil on your skin, paint over the image you want with the glitter glue,  then use the large brush to dust on some glitter, and the small brush to press it down. We also used the large brush to, for example paint a whole rose on my arm in silver glitter, then used the small brush to add black glitter to the leaves, but not the flower, so it’s nice for ‘precision’ work.

The box says that it will last for up to five days. We didn’t find that. I painted a butterfly on my daughter using the black glitter, and by the next morning the colour was still there, but most of the glitter was gone. Two days later the black ‘ink’ part was still perfectly visible, but there was no glitter. With my silver rose the same can be said, but although most of the glitter was off, it didn’t look like chipped nail polish – it just looked like a rose that had some glitter on it, almost like highlighting. It really is very pretty.

You can touch up the glitter every day or so if you want to keep it looking brand new and fresh, but by the end of day three we were ready to try something new, so just soaked and rubbed it for a little while and it came off pretty easily.

They say each stencil can be used a couple of times, and that you should use tweezers to remove the excess glitter from them, but that’s way too much faff for me. We’ve used them a couple of times and when they lose their stickiness, we chuck them out – there’s no point having forever lasting stencils when your glue and glitter are going to run out eventually.

It’s a great, fun little gift, definitely something that will make a  nice stocking filler or even a gift for a pre-teen and so on. We love it and would buy it again.

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