Provenance Skin Care Review

I do love it when new skin care things land on my desk to review, especially if they promise all sorts of lovely and wonderous results.

I was quite tiny when I became pregnant with my eldest son, there was no way I was going to avoid stretch marks regardless of how much cocoa body butter I slapped on my skin; with my daughter following on a year to the day later I had a few more to add to my stretch mark collection.

One of the pots of creams to arrive was Provenance Anti-Scar and Stretch Mark cream; hurrah!  The other pot of cream was dark circle eye cream - I don't suffer from these, but my teenage daughter is going through a phase of having particularly dark ones.

Her schedule is rather hectic due to being half-way through her Army selection process, doing karate twice a week, volunteering at the local animal shelter once a week and revising for her GCSEs which are coming up in May.  She, as you can imagine, snatched the Provenance Anti-Dark Circle Eye cream out of my hands the moment she set eyes on it.

Provenance Anti-Scar and Stretch Mark Cream

The very first thing I always do with creams, balms, butters and lotions is SMELL them (do you?) and I rather like the smell of the Provenance Anti-Scar and Stretch Mark cream - it's very light and fresh and doesn't smell 'medical' in any way.

It's a nice thick cream but not so thick as to be bordering on the 'butter' line; it smooths over the skin and is absorbed nicely, without leaving any trace of greasy residue, and it leaves your skin lovely and soft too.

Well this is all well and good, but what does it do for scars and stretch marks? I'm not going to be much help here, I'm afraid.

You see, my stretch marks are already very pale and silvery in colour; unless you're very close to me and deliberately set out to look for them, you won't notice they're there - they weren't always like this, to start with they were very angry and red.

Provenance have this to say about their Anti-Scar and Stretch Mark cream...

The key ingredient in this proprietary formula is Darutoside - a special extract from the Siegesbeckia Orientalis plant - with clinically proven abilities to stimulate scar healing and tissue regeneration. To further enhance the performance, we have utilized the precious Polynesian Tamanu Oil - also clinically proven to reduce the appearance of scar and stretch marks

I'm sure you already know that stretch marks are where the skin has, effectively, torn and left a scar; I'm sure you also already know that there is NO way to repair these tears once they've occurred, so scars and stretch marks will never go away once they're on your skin.

However, you can help to reduce their appearance.  I will be honest and tell you that the Provenance Anti-Scar and Stretch Mark cream made absolutely no difference to the appearance of my stretch marks, but as I mentioned before they are already very fine and pale anyway.

I did a bit of digging around to find some reports and comments from other people who had used it, to see what they had to say and the general gist seems to be that this Provenance Anti-Scar and Stretch Mark cream works really well on new scars and stretch marks, scars that have a dark pigment to them and raised keloid scars.  But for old, pale and silvery stretch marks...not so much of an impact.

On the plus side, regardless of the type of marks or scars you have, everyone gets 60ml of lovely cream, that leaves your skin feeling gorgeous for £13.

Pros, Cons and Overall Score

Pros: Effective on dark pigmented scars, raised keloid scars and new, red stretch marks (according to other reviews); smells light and fresh, non-greasy, leaves your skin very soft

Cons: Not so effective on already pale scars and stretch marks, is rather expensive for a cream that will just leave your skin soft - baby lotion can do the same job

Overall Score: 7/10  (it's tricky to score this to be honest; if it does markedly reduce dark, raised and new scars then it'll be worth every penny for those people, but if you have stretch marks like mine then it won't be - hence my 7/10 score)

Provenance Anti Dark Circle Eye Cream

You need to use the Provenance Anti-Dark Circle eye cream morning and night to get the best results; if you have a teenager in your house, you'll know how 'reliable' they can be with these things so I have consistently been nagging and reminding my daughter to put the cream on - she's rather glad that will be over as of today.

The Provenance Anti-Dark Circle eye cream smells exactly the same (looks exactly the same actually) as the Anti-Scar and Stretch Mark cream - in fact, if I had my eyes closed I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two.

Elise says the Provenance Anti-Dark Circle eye cream is very nice to use; she likes the smell too and was rather pleased to discover that it didn't sting or irritate when she got some in her eye one morning (she was rushing and in danger of missing her school bus!).

However, she says it didn't make as a big a difference to her dark circles as she was expecting and is a little disappointed, " has left my skin lovely and soft though!" was the after thought she sent my by text this morning.

I'll just add my own two-penneth to hers - from my point of view, I can see quite a big difference!

She still has dark circles but they are certainly less obvious than they were, she no longer looks as though someone's punched her in the eyes and I think part of her disappointment comes from expecting miracles and results akin to Photoshop airbrushing!

If she combined the cream with getting a decent amount of sleep and, perhaps, drinking more water than she does then her results would be even better.

You get the same 60ml for £13 in your Provenance Anti-Dark Circle eye cream as you do with the Provenance Anti-Scar and Stretch Mark cream tub.

Pros, Cons and Overall Score

Pros: smells light and fresh, non-greasy, leaves your skin very soft. Effective on dark circles when you use it regularly (just don't expect airbrushed miracles overnight) and even using it twice a day will last a long time

Cons: I can't really think of any - I mean, saying it doesn't work as quickly as my teenage daughter would have liked is hardly a 'con' is it!

Overall Score: 9/10 - purely because of the price, if it was the other side of £10 then I'd have been tempted to give a 10/10

And finally...

As with all creams the results you can expect will depend on two things

  1. the state of your skin and the extent of your scars, stretch marks and/or dark circles to start with and
  2. how committed you are to ensuring you use them regularly, twice a day

If you're sporadic with them, your results won't be as obvious and you might as well spend your money on something else.  But if you use them regularly and are realistic in what can be achieved then I think you'll be pleased with both these Provenance skin care creams.

There are quite a few other creams in the Provenance skin care range, all of them are roughly the same price, none of them have been tested on animals and can be bought from various places online - Amazon and to name just two.


  • josh.ryan

    Some of the main causes behind the formation of dark circles are heredity, aging, dry skin, prolonged crying, working for long hours in front of a computer, mental or physical stress, lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet.Both men and women of different age groups can have dark circles.

    • admin

      Thanks Josh! 

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