The Poppin Hoppies Review

I love board games, card games and video games and I am delighted that my daughter is showing the same enthusiasm. So I was quite excited by the game Poppin Hoppies as the description alone had me cackling with glee.

The premise is simple. You take these Poppin Hoppies in four different colours and you press them down on the game board until they click into place. You then wait for them to POP and try to be the person who catches them. This is great for helping young kids to develop hand-eye co-ordination as well as concentration skills. Those Poppin Hoppies do NOT pop at the same time, some wait, some pop immediately and sometimes about four of them will go off at once. It’s crazy, fun and gave us the giggles.

Once all of your Poppin Hoppies have popped, you use the colours you’ve caught – yellow, blue, pink and green – to pick up puzzle pieces and build up your own little man on the game board. There are rules about how you build him too, which adds a nice layer of complexity to the game.

Poppin Hoppies is very easy to play and is guaranteed to get everyone involved. It’s fun, it’s stupid and worth a giggle on these ridiculously rainy summer days. The down sides are that if you play with two people it is almost impossible to set the board up like they tell you to as the Poppin Hoppies pop before you have set them all up, and that with two people it is just too easy. Add in three or more players, though, and you have a robust, fun and brilliant family game that will keep you all entertained for ages.

Amazon currently has it on special for £9.95, the retailer recommends £16.99, and Amazon says the RRP is £19.99. I would not pay as much as £19.99 for this game but it is worth the original RRP and definitely worth £9.95.

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