The Lakeland Cupcake Maker Review

The Lakeland Electric Cupcake Maker arrived on my doorstep three days ago. This device is bright purple, has a flower pattern on it, is as dinky as anything and costs £34.99.

My first impression was that Lakeland have made an effort to limit packaging as there wasn’t much to dispose of, and that the cupcake maker was sturdy and felt very tough and durable. I immediately whisked my daughter and I to the shops where we bought all the ingredients to make the recipes in the included handbook.

The instruction manual gives you basic care and cooking instructions in a clear language that is easy to follow. You also get several recipes for muffins and cupcakes. The recipes make very small amounts of mixture to suit the cupcake maker’s capacity of six per bake which is worth remembering if you use your own recipes...

I made every single one of the recipes in the book and not one filled six cupcake cases as per the instructions. I only got four full ones and one tiny one, and that is following their guidance on case levels too.

That said, the cupcakes themselves were gorgeous. They DID cook up in 8-10 minutes and they were light, fluffy and utterly divine. The manual also has a frosting recipe with white chocolate and sour cream that is heavenly.

I also tested the cupcake maker with a ready-made Tesco dough (more on that in another review), my own cupcake recipes, and one random internet recipe. Yes, perfect cupcakes every time. No uncooked parts or sunken middles here.

Cleaning the Lakeland cupcake maker is ridiculously easy. One wipe and you’re done. I like that.

So what is wrong with the cupcake maker? I think that for nearly £35 it should have had a timer built in – you have to do that – and that it should have an off switch instead of asking you to pull the plug. These are just niggles really, not deal breakers. The most important thing is that it makes perfect cupcakes.

The positives are numerous: gorgeous cupcakes every time, easy to clean, easy to use, small enough to store in a small kitchen, and versatile enough to cook up huge batches in one go with regular refills and a simple wipe clean. I give this 9/10.


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