Kiddylicious Smoothie Melts Review

I was shocked, recently, to find a recipe on how to make one of our favourite snacks – yoghurt covered raisins. You know? The healthy snack for children? Yeah. Not so healthy. Six cups of icing sugar to every cup of raisins!  So much for healthy.  It’s made me  highly suspicious of children’s snacks, to say the least.

Recently I found a snack I’m really impressed with, however.  Smoothie Melts from Kiddylicious are absolutely stunning. We don’t normally ‘do’ toddler food, because it just doesn’t appeal in the same way as ‘real’ food does, but I will admit to actually eating these myself. They are beyond yummy.

At the moment, you’ll find Kiddylicious Smoothie Melts in Passion Fruit, Banana and Mango and in Strawberry and Banana, both of which are fantastic flavours. They’re 100% fruit with no added sugar or salt,  and each bag is equivalent to one portion of fruit for a young child.

The fruity squares are made by blending the fruit until it’s frothy, then it’s set into squares. They are crispy and crackle in your mouth, but if you don’t eat it all in one go, they become quite soft in a day or so… they’re still tasty and totally edible, just more chewy and less crunchy.

Kiddylicious snacks can be found in most supermarkets, but these are brand, brand new and may not be available in your local shops yet – they’re not even on the Kiddylicious website yet.  They have an RRP of 59p per bag, which is cheaper than some snacks, and more expensive than others, but at least with this, I’m filling my child with fabulous fruit flavours, not six to one sugar!

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  • emmajk42
    Thanks Luschka, I will keep my eyes out for these, sound nice!

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