Hi-Tec St Moritz 200 Winter Snow Boots Review

You remember what the weather men said a couple of months ago don't you?

"An Arctic winter is heading for the UK; significant snowfall and subzero temperatures can be expected from the end of October onwards - it will be worse than last year!"

Hi-Tec heard those weather reports too and rushed Tamsin a pair of their St Moritz 200 winter snow boots to review before the freezing weather really got a grip, and so you could get your footwear organised; they needn't have rushed hey!

Hi-Tec describe their St Moritz 200 winter snow boots as 'waterproof, insulated, winter traction' - which is exactly what you need if you spend any time marching out and about in the winter when it's freezing cold and the pavements are icy, or slushy and wet.

I've got two dogs who are walked at the very least once a day come wind, rain, snow and temperatures so low that your breath forms ice on the inside of my scarf that covers my mouth.

I can tell you there are few things worse than wearing boots which are uncomfortable, let any dampness in and don't keep your feet warm; it's miserable.  I have a pair of winter snow boots that are so warm and comfy it's like wearing a pair of slippers to go trudging across the fields in, so I was very interested to see how Tamsin's experience with the Hi-Tec St Moritz 200 winter snow boots compared.

Here's how she got on...

Hi-Tec St Moritz 200 Winter Snow Boots

"These shoes are not for the elegant, dainty fairy type" she says, "these are a serious pair of BOOTS!"

Tamsin confirms that the soles of the Hi-Tec St Moritz 200 winter snow boots are indeed designed to GRIP. "Whilst I haven't tested them in the snow," she reports, "I have worn them on ice to see how they coped getting me from one side of the rink to the other. While my balance didn't really impress, the shoes did add some extra traction."

She particularly appreciated the embroidery detailing on the waterproof suede upper, along with the laces - which she says are excellent quality.

"The seam that runs up the calf on both sides is a series of embroidered Xs that really do add a nice touch to these shoes. The shoelaces are excellent quality as well - I have a pair of trainers that seem to unlace themselves because the fabric is so cheap and nasty on the laces. These stay firm, hold well and have a bit of a stretch to them to keep you snug."

I know exactly what Tamsin means about cheap laces constantly coming undone, I'm sure you do too; it's very frustrating not to mention dangerous.

Finishing off the waterproof suede upper is a collar of faux fur, this also lines the inside of the Hi-Tec St Moritz 200 winter snow boots.  The result of which, according to Tamsin, is like, and I quote, "Very warm and lovely and a bit like sticking your foot into a teddy bear!"

She reports that unlike other lace up boots, the St Moritz 200s are easy to do up, "There's no laborious unlacing and pulling to be able to get your feet in your boots and then repeating in reverse to do them up again," she says.

"With these, the eyelets are completely sealed so you can pull and tug quickly and easily. There is also another lace that runs along the top of the boot with one of those doodads that you press down, pull, and then when you release it, it holds the laces in place. This seals in the warmth like nothing else!"

Apparently the Hi-Tec St Moritz 200 winter snow boots  look fabulous with jeans and leggings and are, I predict, going to become somewhat of a winter uniform for Tamsin when if the apocalyptic winter arrives.

Here are some technical details about the St Moritz 200s for you:

  • The uppers are made from waterproof suede and mesh
  • The boots are lined with 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation and thick faux fur
  • There is a sturdy heel and toe cap and all seams are sealed
  • There is a shock-absorbing midsole and a Comfort-Tec contoured sock liner for added dryness and extra cushioning.
  • There is a steel support running through the outsole for added stability

And you thought they were just your average pair of boots claiming to be good for the snow!

So...are they comfy?

Not to start with!  Tamsin says that even with numerous pairs of socks on, her heels were eaten alive for the first two weeks.  I can relate to this; the same thing happened with my snow boots - although only for the first two wears, not two WEEKS! *eek*

"The problem here," she says, "is the bend. The weight of the shoe at the base keeps it quite heavy and solid so this hangs against your heel until the leather and suede have had time to mould themselves to your feet."

Tamsin goes on to say that it took her about a month of daily wearing, around the house for a couple of hours, to get the Hi-Tec St Moritz 200s  half-way ready for more regular outdoor use.  I'm pleased to be able to tell you, however, that they now fit her like a glove and feel like heaven for her feet.

"Sadly," Tamsin concluded, "the rather lovely weather we have had has meant the opportunity to slap them on and brave a mad and frozen world hasn't really presented itself but I've taken them out every time there has been rain or cold to see how they cope - overall, they are a pleasure!"

And finally...

Overall, Tamsin gives the Hi-Tec St Moritz 200 winter snow boots a strong 8 out 10.

She says wouldn't hesitate to put them on her Christmas list any time and can't wait for some seriously inclement weather to wear them in - I never thought I'd see the day! - "While we haven't had any snow to test them on, I find it hard to believe that they will fail, even the neck of the shoe can be tightened to keep that pesky snow and rain out!"

Pros and cons? 

Well, any boots worth their salt are going to take a while to wear in so you're just going to have to take preventative measures with your heels - strap them up with cotton wool, a non-adhesive dressing and surgical tape and you'll be fine.  Once your boots have fitted themselves to your feet you'll be able to wear them 24/7 without a care in the world.

The Hi-Tec St Moritz 200 winter snow boots retail for £80 - which includes FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY and is NOT bad at all for boots of this calibre.  In fact, I was surprised they didn't cost more to be honest; they're available in ladies sizes 3 - 9 and three different colours: Brown/Cream, Black/Clover and Brown/Taupe/Chocolate.

So no cons, just pros; hurrah!


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