Fairy Match The Picture Game Review

My daughter received Shirley Barber's Fairies Match the Picture game for her birthday this year, and it is such a lovely set, and a gorgeous birthday present.

Match the Picture is a game similar to bingo in some ways, except rather than having numbers called, you draw cards like in a card game. If the picture doesn't match one on your board, you return it to the pile. If you can match the card you lay it down on your board and the first one to have a full board, wins.

While intended for four players, my daughter often sits playing on her own with one or two of the boards, which is quite sweet too. Then it's about which board wins, or simply about finding the matching pairs.

The game consists of four Picture Boards and 36 cards, each with a unique fairy themed picture, like toadstool houses, fairy friend animals and precious gems. They are beautifully illustrated and each time you play, you 'discover' something new and pretty to look at.

It really is a very gorgeous game, lovely to look at and very exciting for little people to play. It has a 3+ age guidance and is available from Fairies and Friends for £7.99, which I was surprised at because the pictures themselves, and the quality of the cards - they are really thick - and the set as a whole just seems like it would be a lot more expensive than that.

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