Doidy Cup Review


Most parents I know have a cupboard full of random varieties of sippy cups and beakers all with their own stories of failed cup-training attached. I really didn't want to spend a fortune on one failed cup after the other, so after our sippy cup phase we began researching to find the 'best' drinking cup for toddlers.

What we found was the strange and unusual Doidy cup.

The idea is that babies as young as three months could hold it, tip it slightly enough to see the liquid and be able to drink without a gush of water falling on them.

I loved the idea, and it did work on my then eight month old – until she was tired of drinking her water, and would turn the cup into a projectile. So, instead, I held the cup for her, allowing her to drink from it and me to see see when the water was at her lips, and thereby avoiding either her chocking on too much water, or spilling it down her front.

The Doidy cup is dishwasher safe and made from food safe HD Plyethylene and BPA free and confirms to the EN14350 standard for child use and care. The Doidy cup is also recommended by Healthcare Professionals.

The Doidy cup is available at Bickypegs in a choice of 10 colours for £3.70, at John Lewis for £3.50, although postage is an additional £3.00, and at Amazon for £3.30 to £5.22 dependent on colour.

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