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Sun cream is one of those products that mums obsess over. When I was a kid it was tissues; everywhere you went, everyone's mother always, always had a handy supply of tissues at the ready. But now that we're more au fait with the perils of sun damage and the importance of keeping young skin sufficiently protected and covered up, sun cream is *that* product that every parent has oodles of.

Personally I have at least six bottles of the stuff sitting under my kitchen sink, and that's AFTER a recent cull to get rid of all the stuff that leaves my children's skin coated in a fine layer of sand as well as sun cream, or which my kids scream and run away from the very sight of.

And when the weather is as glorious as it has been of late, I don't ever leave home without a bottle of sun cream stashed in my nappy bag. I am forever slathering it on my children's skin, and even the baby has learned that there's little point in protesting when she sees me brandishing the baby sun care.

But, despite all this, how many of us actually pay the same level of attention to protecting our own skin from the sun? I know I am woefully forgetful when it comes to using sun cream myself, and yet I'm already at that point where I see the benefit of covering up and using sun protection - much as I love being outside in the sunshine, I really don't want any more sun on my delicate décolletage area - let's just say I'm past the point of wanting to be brown as a berry when the sun comes out, and much more inclined to want to avoid the ageing effects of the sun.

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All of which is to say that I was pretty grateful when Green People asked us to review their pregnancy-safe organic sun care range for adults. They sent us two samples; their organic SPF25 Scent-free sun lotion (£18.95 for 200ml) and their organic SPF15 sun lotion with tan accelerator (£18.95 for 200ml).

Yes, I balked a little at the price of these, although there are trial-sized versions of both products available which are a good few pennies cheaper - £3.60 for 10ml bottles of the sun lotion with tan accelerator, or £5.00 for the scent-free sun lotion.

Of course, if you're thinking of buying organic sun cream from Green People then chances are you've got more than just money-saving in mind - the organic scent-free sun lotion offers both UVA and UVB protection and contains organic aloe vera, edelweiss, green tea, rosemary extract and beeswax. It smells divine - really natural and lovely with no nasty 'sun cream' tang. It's water resistant but not pore-clogging and is moisture retaining for a longer lasting tan, and leaves your skin feeling wonderful and not at all sticky as can be the case with sun creams. It's very thick when you apply it but not cloying, and it's soothing and suitable for sensitive skin thanks to its scent-free properties.

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All of the above also applies to the sun lotion with tan accelerator. It also offers 3 layers of natural sun protection: UV filters, antioxidants as well as sun tan accelerator, although I can't really say that I tanned sufficiently to be able to test out the promise that it helps you achieve 25% more tan. Living in Northern Ireland, though, I could do with a bit of that. It contains organic aloe vera, edelweiss, inositol, green tea and avocado.

If you order direct from Green People you'll get free mainland UK delivery on your first order, too.

Pros: Green People sun lotions for adults are organic and contain naturally-derived ingredients. They're gentle but effective, and smell delicious. I looked forward to applying more lotion, as opposed to dreading it as can often be the case with certain sun lotion brands, even those which claim to be gentle or suitable for sensitive skin! Safe for use during pregnancy, too.

Cons: Not cheap, however as we've said many times when it comes to Green People products; a little really does go a long way, so if you can spare the cash to stretch to these products it'll be money well spent.

Overall verdict: I keep one of these in my bathroom for daily use (the one with lower SPF and tan accelerator) during the summer months, and the other one 'lives' in my nappy bag; truly a product I don't want to leave home without, these days.

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