Method Eco Cleaning Products Review

29 July 2010

Method Eco Cleaning Products 1

At the beginning of the month, I attended the launch of Method Natural Laundry detergent. While I was there, I discovered that there was a whole range of Method eco cleaning products, some of which are shown here sparkly and new, in my kitchen ready to leap into action.

I'm always interested in finding new eco cleaning products. The thing is, I'm invariably disappointed by them. Detergents that don't clean, window cleaners that require a lot of elbow grease, and spray cleaners that won't shift the grime without, yes you guessed it, lots more elbow grease. Ecover's floor soap is the exception to this rule - it is superior to ANY floor cleaner I've found so far.

Method Laundry Detergent (£5.99); I really wanted to like this. Just four squirts, so easy and mess free! And, unlike other eco detergents I've tried, it worked. But it did not get out food stains unless applied directly to the stain. Otherwise it leaves greasy marks behind (you can see the result on my son's school shirt here).

Method Eco Cleaning Products 2It does behave beautifully as a stain remover when applied directly though. But it will still leave behind residue from any bits you miss. As I found when I tried to use it as a stain remover on a white Sportacus t-shirt my son smothered in chocolate. I missed a few spots, and they were still there when it came out of the machine. All the spots I'd treated with the detergent were gone though.

So, mixed feelings. If only eco products will do then yay, at last an eco friendly stain remover. Personally though I can't afford to use that much of this detergent for that purpose.

I am utterly in love with the Method Best in Glass cleaner (£4.28). This is the easiest to use, smear-free glass cleaner I have ever come across, natural or otherwise, and required only a squirt per pane. I've used natural products for glass since my son was born, as there's something about glass that attracts little fingers, and tongues! It is going on my shopping list.

But it won't be accompanied by the Method Tub & Tile bathroom spray (£3) I'm afraid. I loved the smell of this, but it required a lot more scrubbing than simple white vinegar and lemon juice to achieve the same result.

Feel free to share your experiences with Method and other eco friendly cleaning products here!


  • Sho
    I won't be trying them any time soon since I'm afraid my inner cleaning freak has me using double-plus-strength cleaning products by the bucketload. Except for the times when I feel guilty and I use vinegar. But what I do like about the products is how they look. Definitely a lot more classy than the stuff we get here.
  • Lynley O.
    Ah see now my inner cleaning freak has me worried about the chemicals! Not so much now I have to say, as son is 5 and doesn't tend to stick as many things in his mouth as he used to. What always bothers me is just how many manmade chemicals there are sloshing about in our systems. On average there's about 14 of them apparantly!
  • Donnie
    My mom has a super-sniffer nose and a pathological aversion to the smell of raw egg on dishes. I used to think she was a freak, but now I realise 'Mom Knows Best'. She cuts a lemon or lime in half and wipes all surfaces and plates (after they've been washed), squeezing the juice as she wipes. Her surfaces aren't wood, and so it doesn't stain or damage the paint. I don't tend to use eco-friendly cleaning products but I do use eco-friendly (paraben and perfume-free) laundry products. Sadly, they don't get the clothes clean at all - certainly not stains. My polish friend left a bar of (brownish/grey) soap that looks like the sort of thing that was used in the war. It smells like petroleum, is coarse, lardy and uninviting. If I could read the ingredients I'd tell you what it's called. But I'll be damned it gets out ALL stains!!! It's an all-purpose soap that can even be used on the body.
  • Lynley O.
    You have to be talking about carbolic soap! Every house had a bar under the sink when I was a kid. Very strong smell! Great stuff.

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