Lindham Microwave Steriliser Bags Review

5 August 2010


In a recent chat with the PlayPennies authors, aside from debating the merits of the latest Dr Who actors, we got to talking about sterilisers (how glamourous)! Lynley mentioned that she had used these Lindham Microwave Steriliser Bags when she had her last baby and was doing quite a bit of travelling. I bought some and have been using them for a while now when out and about, so I will write a little review to share with you guys.

Firstly, these Lindham microwave steriliser bags are excellent when you are travelling, as you can pop one in your baby bag and use it when needed. You just wash your bottles, pop them in the bag, add 70ml of water, and microwave it for 3 minutes.

For example, when I go to visit relatives, instead of bringing about 5 bottles with me to last the whole day, I just bring 2 bottles, and wash and sterilise them throughout the day, when needed.

The bag has some little tick boxes on the side, so you can keep track of how many times you use tham (as they can be used 20 times). I found it quite difficult to write on the Lindham microwave steriliser bag to note how often I had used it. A standard biro sometimes worked, sometimes not.

Another possible issue could be bottle size - the Nuk bottles I use are quite tall, compared to the short, squat Avent or Tommee Tippee bottles. I found it was a bit of a tight squeeze to get the 2 bottles in. I think it would be even harder if you were using the fatter Tommee Tippee bottles. However, there is always the option just to sterilise one bottle at a time.

I bought mine on Amazon, but you might be able to find them cheaper elsewhere.

Have you ever used these Lindham microwave steriliser bags? Or do you have any other recommendations for sterilising while on the go?


  • Emma @.
    These were a lifesaver when my son was a baby. We stay at my parents every Friday night and not having to drag a whole load of bottles every week was fabulous. I can't recommend these highly enough. Cheap (ish) and utterly invaluable. A great product.
  • Emma K.
    Not just me then... Definitely agree, lifesaver!
  • Lynley O.
    I resorted to always carrying around a thin marker pen in my bag to tick the uses off! Actually it was a fabric pen (felt tips smear, while marker pens seem to only come in the thick and chunky style these days). However, I lost it about half way into our three week trip to Canada, and ended up 'guessing' for the most part as ball point wouldn't work at all on the bag. And did I every remember to pick up a marker pen when in the shop ... !

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