Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind Review

23 August 2010


This is a pretty interesting product which I recently came across when trying to find out exactly what I needed and didn't need, to make life easier with my first baby. The Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind from the Gro Company is a really good idea - it's basically a universal blackout blind that you can put on any window.

If you'd like to buy a Gro Anywhere, they're usually available on Amazon and I have seen the price fluctuate between £20 and £30.

The blackout blind is made from a dark, light-weight material, and there are suckers all round the edge to stick to your window. The blind is very big, so would probably fit on just about any window in a normal home. It's also adjustable, with tabs you can pull to make sure that it fits your window well.

I first used it on my spare room when some family members with young kids were staying over. Usually the room is quite bright from street-light leakage, and gets bright quite early in the morning too. When we used the Gro Anywhere blackout blind, the room was very dark indeed, almost pitch black!

Vik1 over on hotukdeals had this to say about the Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind:

These are brilliant - we use it in the house - makes the room much darker and helped us get an extra hour sleep every morning!

I will say that it's probably a 2 person job to get it up properly. Having 4 hands to make sure all the little suckers stay stuck, is very useful.Gro1

When staying at my sister's house a few months ago, the toddler would wake up very early unless all the light was blocked out from the room. We were wrapping towels and duvets round the curtain rail, just to try and make the room a little bit darker. I wish I had known about the Gro Anywhere back then!

Do you have one? What do you think of it?

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  • Theo C.
    We like these so much we now have a total of three. They utterly saved our lives when we went on holiday recently - I wish I knew why holiday houses seem to think that curtains in bedrooms don't need to block out the light! They are really effective at their job and the room very dark - just a little light leakage around the edges. If I have a criticism in the design, it's that the suckers are a little too near the edge which encourages light to leak in around the side. Another centimetre or so of material outside the suckers would help, maybe. Other than this, the only downside is that they make it difficult to open/close windows, so if the temperature really drops overnight (or it's really stuffy in the bedroom) you can be restricted in what you can do with the windows. Taking them down and re-attaching them every night can be a bit of a bore (especially if you have more than one) so you do tend to find yourself leaving them in place constantly, but you can tuck them behind window handles to let some light in. My top tip for putting them up single-handed is to wet the suckers before you apply them, just with the tip of a wet finger or cloth. They stick much better first time and you don't need a second pair of hands.
  • Emma K.
    Thanks Theo! I've only used mine a few times so far, but I can see it becoming very useful indeed!
  • bob
    Silver survival blankets and a roll of black insulating tape will do the same job. The blankets fold up very small too, which is useful for travel.
  • Theo C.
    bob, I think suckers are a lot less hassle to reapply than insulating tape and much less likely to damage the surfaces they are applied to. By the same logic, a can of black spray paint is quite convenient to carry around and can be applied quickly... ;)
  • SlayerKat
    I could have really done with this when I went on holiday as the curtains did nothing! Next time.

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