Golden Emu Oil Hand & Body Lotion Review

Emu I am completely smitten with this product and, apparently, no emus were injured in its making either. Here you have a lush oil that does rather amazing things to your skin and has been marked down to only £7.95, just for Valentine’s month.

I got a teeny, tiny pot of this Golden Emu Oil lotion and it lasted, and lasted, and lasted. I am rather taken aback at this. Either the teensy tub was the Tardis or this stuff is a complete bargain for the price. It is also an extremely luxurious cream that does wonders for your skin.

Now, this definitely falls into the category of parent pampering for Valentine’s Day. Not only can you use this on your hands but it makes delightfully decadent body oil too. This is the one you want for a sensuous Valentine’s massage.

The ingredients that make this yummy lotion include apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, alpine lavender oil, orange and lemon oils, avocado oil, cedarwood oil and beeswax. It does smell kind of funny in the tin but once on your skin it takes on a lovely, light citrusy scent that even the boys enjoy.

We sent this across to some of our Parent Panel for review and this is what they said:Emu2

The lotion was light, easily absorbed and left a subtle, yet sensual fragrance on the skin.”

“Emu oil doesn’t sound sexy but does tingly nicely on the skin.”

“I’m loving the effects on my hands, they’ve started to smooth out again!”

So, why not snatch up this discounted bottle with an element of glee and enjoy spreading some emu oil happiness around.


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