Becopotty Eco Potty Review


The Becopotty is one of those things that I bought for a reason – it is environmentally friendly - and only realised later that I got more than I bargained for.

Becopotty is produced by the company Becothings. Although they have nice dog bowls and eco-friendly coat hangers, it's their potties that I am in love with.

Becopotties are made using natural plant materials, so it's BPA and nasties-free. It also means that even though it will last for years in the home, it will begin to break down as soon as it is planted in the ground.

becothings logoThe idea with the Becopotty is to plant the no longer needed chamberpot in your garden, pop seeds in the bowl and cover with ground. Over the next couple of years the potty will break down, nourishing the flowers you've planted, consistently reminding you to be grateful that you're no longer changing nappies. It could also be symbolic for your little one – moving on to the big boy/girl toilet.

Sentimentality aside, however, how practical is it? Well, we've never tried anything else, so it's hard to make a comparison, but the high back means little ones don't slip off, and the large splash guard in the front does what it's meant to and keeps little hands out of the bowl!

becopotty pinkThe only negative thing about Becopotties comes out of the very thing that makes them so desirable – they are a plant material and therefore rather fragile. Kick a badly placed Becopotty in the middle of the night and it might well break. Stand in the bowl, and you will go through.

Even so, at less than £8, considerably less than more popular brands, buying a new potty doesn't exactly break the bank.

Becopotties can be found at JoJo MaMan Bebe, John Lewis and Kiddiecare, and selected eco-shops.


  • DrTrouserPlank
    "Kick a badly placed Becopotty in the middle of the night and it might well break." well as redecorating your walls with a new (albeit) undesirable colour scheme.
  • Luschka O.
    Hahahaha, but to be fair, that's the case with any potty. My LO is not at the go potty solo stage yet, so I always clean it out straight away and had not yet considered that obstacle! ;)

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