Baby Banz Review

9 September 2010


I'm going to do a Baby Banz review, these really cute little sunglasses for babies!

In one of my ante-natal classes, they had arranged for an optometrist to come in for a little talk about baby eyes. Some of the things he spoke about were quite frightening! He said that something like 80% of the damage done to your eyes over your whole lifetime, occurs before the age of 18. This thought really stuck with me for months, and made me worried about the health of baby's eyes when she was born. The optometrist had recommend that you have baby sunglasses around when your baby is very young, so they get used to the sight of them and aren't fussy when you eventually try them out.

When I take my little girl out for a walk, she really doesn't like the bright light, and scrunches her face up, so I thought I'd look for a little pair of sunglasses for her. I was only looking for the regular type of sunnies, but when surfing Amazon I found the Baby Banz linked above. They're a great idea, as the velcro strap keep the sunglasses on baby's head.

There are no sharp edges, they're smooth and well-designed, so perfectly safe for baby to use.

They're UV protected, so they keep out all the harmful rays from baby's eyes.

Even though the age range says 0 to 2 years, they are still a little bit on the large side for my 4 month old baby. She's got quite a small build anyway, and the sunglasses are a little bit loose, even on their tightest setting.

There's a good choice of colours to pick, I've opted for pink for my little girl, and you can see her modelling them in the image below.


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  • Andrea
    Hi Emma, If your little girl's pair of Banz sunglasses are too big at first, just slip a folded up pad of fabric under the back of the band to "pad" it out. She'll grow into them in no time! And what a cutie! Andrea at Banz New Zealand.
  • Emma K.
    Good idea Andrea, thanks!

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